The College Advisor Network For U, Inc.​​

The Founding Principle


                                 No doubt starting the college application journey brings on a sea of change, emotion and anxiety for all involved.  Whether this is your first time or the last, we the have resources help make this time around a pleasant and rewarding experience. 

Imagine a structured process with mutually agreed on expectations and goals between parents and children, minus the chaos.  Not so crazy – With a market of Certified College Advisors available to you and your children you need not imagine.  Applying to college has become harder and harder from a process and requirements viewpoint.  With a Certified College Advisor navigating these waters, you can avoid choppiness throughout the course.

Nadine S. Green, Certified College Advisor, MA, SLP-CCC and Industry Executive understands the process both as a parent and advisor.  Having not worked as a Speech Pathologist for years, but missing the joy of helping young adults succeed in their everyday lives Nadine set out on a journey and started The College Advisor Network For U.  As the owner and founder, Nadine studied to become a Certified College Advisor through University of California– San Diego Extension Campus.  Immediately following her certification Nadine started The College Advisor Network For U and is now enjoying the successes with her students weighing multiple acceptance options to their top pick schools and scholarship packages each year.  With new sophomores, juniors, seniors and postgraduate students joining The College Advisor Network For U family and starting their journey, Nadine is not stopping there.  The College Advisor Network For U network of professionals are working with their young clientele in a host of other educational and pre-professional offerings:

  • Financial Planning
  • Summer Internship alignment
  • Interview training and workshops
  • Resume Writing
  • Tutoring for college placement Testing

In addition to celebrating admission acceptance(s) our young adults are now accepting amazing internships’, interviewing with confidence and shaping their lives from high school to college and beyond.

Network and Industry Affiliations

The College Advisor Network For U Overview

Who we Are

The College Advisor Network For U is a group of certified college admissions consultants and professionals who are passionate about helping shape the lives of young adults.